Annual Recital 2007

Recital of Praise and Thanksgiving — NTU Alumni Chamber Ensemble 2007 Annual Concert Program: Annual October_Recital_Invitation 10-5-2007 YouTube Video Clips: Beethoven: Septet in E-flat Major, Op. 20 — Allegro Con Brio Cherry Blossom — Japanese Folk Song Sun & Rain — Women’s Choir Ode to Joy — Violin Group

Annual Recital 2008

NTU Chamber group historically hosts an annual recital of remembrance & Thanksgiving to serve the community. The annual recital provided an opportunity for the students to perform in public. It provided a platform for the musicians to learn from each other and the event also served as a social gathering for the parents and the… Read More Annual Recital 2008

Inspiration of Pipe Organ 2011

YouTube Video Clips: Organ Prelude A Thousand Winds (千の風になって) All Play and Sing Together Sunrise, Sunset (Jerry Bock) Gypsy Air (Sarasate) Organ Postlude

NAPTA 演奏曲 8-10-2013

Announcement of Music Program NATPA, August 10, 2013   我們演奏的頭一曲: Duo, 這曲是用 piano 伴奏的 violin/cello 雙重奏。是真Romantic 的樂曲。陳慧娟老師彈piano,  陳老師的公子 Samuel 拉 violin, Cynthia拉cello. Duo是歐洲“Secret Garden” 樂團的名曲、在1995年賣出3百万張CD, 得到Eurovision Song Contest頭獎、這Contest 相當於美國的Grammy Award。 第二曲是Pachelbel的Cannon,  是大家熟識的樂曲。 第三曲是Czechoslovakia作曲家Smetana 所作的6首交嚮詩 Ma vlast (my homeland) 的第二首vltave、德文叫“莫爾道河” 。這曲後來經過Samuel Cohen改編作以色列國歌 Hatikva (The Hope) 。 第四曲是蕭泰然教授所作的” 出外人” 。這曲唱出我們住在異鄉出外人的心聲。 第五曲是林千千所改編的 ”流浪海外台灣人的心聲” 。原曲是Itali 作曲家 Verdi 在1841年所作的歌劇 “Nabucco”… Read More NAPTA 演奏曲 8-10-2013

橙縣第9屆台灣之愛音樂會 9-8-2013

Protected: Family Concert

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Metta Concert at Irvine City Hall, Council Chamber 7/19/2014

We were invited to join the Metta Concert at the City of Irvine on July 19, 3 to 5 pm. In light of the tragedies and disasters around the world, we’re holding a Metta (“Loving Kindness”) Concert as a sincere prayer and condolence to those affected. We are a group of local musicians, composing of… Read More Metta Concert at Irvine City Hall, Council Chamber 7/19/2014

An Inspirational Concert with Organ – 8/30/2014



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