J. S. Bach’s Violin Music

Violinist Nigel Kennedy made news in last August. He accused fellow violinists of destroying Bach’s legacy in that most performances stripped of passion because the musicians can’t play Bach’s works properly.

Nigel Kennedy also has captured British headlines. Conservative Member of Parliament Louise Mensch said that she most likely took drugs with violinist Nigel Kennedy.

People love Bach’s music because the structural beauty and the religious transcendence but Negel Kennedy said people reduce Bach’s music into merely mathematical and technical and without passion.

Our Chamber group had practiced Bach’s music including his double violin concertos and I love to play his two violin concertos. Here are YouTube clips performed by Nigel Kennedy.

Bach’s double violin concerto in D (1st movement)

Bach’s A-minor violin concerto (1st movement)

I have included the A-minor violin concerto (first movement) performed by a young violinist for your comparison.


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