Holiday Musical Services and Events

My friends in the music circles invited me for concerts and requested my helps in the orchestras for this Holiday season. I deeply appreciated these invitations and requests which helped to raise my spiritual conditions.

On December 6, my music friend Esther Chen invited me and my wife for the Christmas concerts held by Concordia University. The concerts were performed by The Concordia University Choir and the Concordia Master Chorale, Concordia Concert Hand bells and Concordia Wind Orchestra.
I served as the first violin of a small string ensemble to accompany a senior choir. The senior choir consists of members from the Laguna Wood “Leisure World” retirement community. Though aged, they have high spirits. I joined three rehearsals. Then, the choir presented in a Formosan Association meeting at Leisure World on December 15.
I served in the first violin section of a small orchestra to accompany the church choir of EFCI (Evangelical Formosan Church at Irvine). Five pieces from Handel’s Messiah were selected to present in the Christmas celebration on December 20. These five pieces are “And the Glory of the Lord”, “For Unto Us a Child is Born”, “Glory to God”, “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion”, and “Hallelujah”. EFCI’s church choir consists of 40 plus members and was trained by professionals. Their performance is high standard and among the best in the church choirs. The choir toured Taiwan and East Asian countries for missionary regularly.

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